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Comparing Videography Packages

Price is price, right?  Well, maybe not so much.  Videography package details vary widely from vendor to vendor.  Here are a few questions you will want to ask to make sure you are making a fair comparison: 1.  How will I receive my video?   Will delivery be digital or hard copies such as DVD discs?  At Applause, we deliver our films via an online hosting platform that allows them to be streamed and downloaded.  The great thing with this type of delivery is you aren’t limited on how many copies you save or who you share the link with!  Everyone can enjoy all your films! 2.  What will my final video actually contain?   A lot of companies will offer competitive pricing, but the end product will be a highlight clip only.  Although we love highlights, we believe that for the money you are spending, you deserve your entire ceremony as well.  And remember, not all “entire ceremonies” are created equal, either.  A single camera in the back and just one close up during the vows is all that is
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Is Videography Worth It?

Let me begin with a little full disclosure, I own and operate a videography company.  So you could say I am biased.  But the reality is, wedding videography has finally become a must have for couples when planning their budget and vendor lists.  If you're still on the fence, picture this: It's your wedding day.  In those last moments leading up to the start of the ceremony, a powerful emotion begins to take over.  All the months of dating, falling in love, getting engaged, planning, and preparations have all come down to this.  This one walk, down this one aisle where the two of you meet to make a forever promise.  Heads turn as all your friends and family anticipate your entrance.  You catch your breath, maybe even close your eyes as you try to exhale slowly to calm your nerves.   As it all unfolds, you have no choice but to live in the moment, propelled by the events of the day and you know it is slipping by.  You try to imprint it all into your mind, to make it stay there, b

Covid-19 Decisions are Tough

What do you want to do about the wedding?   Let me begin by telling you, there is no wrong answer!   The truth is, what you really want is for  Covid to disappear and for everything to go back to the way it was.   But since that isn’t going to happen, it’s time to move into finding out what you should be doing, or how you should be thinking about your wedding day. Let me change the question and ask you something entirely new:   What is it about your wedding that will bring you joy now and into the future? And here is the kicker:   BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF Not everyone can say, “Just being married to the love of my life is all I need”.   If you can say that with 100% honesty then you can stop reading now – you’re all set!   Go elope and enjoy it to the fullest!   Savor the moments with your hunny, get some sweet pics, and ride off into the sunset.   That was easy! But what if that’s not you?   What if “being married” is only part of the picture.   What if for you, looking ba

Day-of Stress Minimizing Tips

I've seen my share of wedding days go perfectly smoothly and I've seen my share of the ones that don't.  In both cases, the experience of the bride and groom is what ultimately determines how they look back on their day.  Even the worst of days can be remembered as "perfect" when they don't impede on the couple's ability to enjoy themselves and be in the moment together.   Here are some tips that can help you out no matter what comes your way on wedding day: 1) Separate Yourself - if your wedding party is starting to get to you, take a break!  Don't let drama creep in on this day.  Having a little time to yourself can be accomplished by getting ready a little ahead of the group and then stepping out for some photos and a breather! 2) Designate a Buffer Person - a little different than a DD, this person will be the "catch all" for communications meant for you.  They will decide when and what needs to actually be told to you directly.  Make s

Top 5 things to NEVER say when you are asking for a Discount on your Wedding

Are you desperate to save a few bucks on your wedding?  Have you been reaching out to some wedding vendors hoping someone will realize your budget is already at it's max?   Is it totally backfiring and getting you nowhere? Here are some things you may be saying that are closing the door before you even have a chance: 1) "We're paying for this ourselves" - Here at Wedding's Worth we like to be direct....the harsh truth is your wedding vendors don't care who is paying for it.  They are trying to make a living wage, so where the money comes from doesn't matter, just so it comes! 2) "There are only 50 Guests" - large or small, most vendor's jobs are the same for every wedding.  The pressure of it being a one time event isn't changed by the size of the guest list.  Obviously services that charge by the person will be less overall, unless that vendor has a minimum to meet.  Keep in mind, vendors who specialize in only weddings have a limi

Don't Say the "D" Word - How to get the best pricing on Wedding Services

To most of us, the word "discount" is exciting.  It means we are about to save some serious bucks on something we are longing to purchase and just didn't have the funds.  Did you know discount can also have a negative meaning? The dictionary also defines discounting as this: "To regard (a possibility, fact, or person) as being unworthy of consideration because it lacks credibility." Yikes!  When you ask a wedding vendor for a discount, are you also saying that you don't think they are worthy of their regular rates? This is why it's a good idea to skip the "D" word and instead ask "Do you have any promotions available?" Here are some other great tips to help you get the absolute best pricing on your wedding: 1) "We are able to spend up to..." By sharing your actual budget, a vendor is able to tell you exactly what they can or can not do in that price range.  It is not a way for them to overcharge you, but

Red Flags

How do you handle "red flags"?  Some people will not book with a vendor that gives off a red flag vibe.  Others just can't pass up a good deal, so they take the risk.  What are some red flags when it comes to wedding vendors? 1)  Price - in every vendor category, there is a "breaking point" where anyone charging below a certain amount is suspect.  They are either totally new, or only book because they are totally cheap.  Either way, if the price is well below average, question them as to why.  Also, find out their track record and if they will be able to remain in business at such low rates. 2)  Communication - if a Vendor has lost focus on their wedding business for any reason, their communication will be lacking.  This can be very frustrating as you will need prompt communication throughout your entire planning process, so if you aren't happy with the pre-booking communication, it's a red flag. 3)  Attitude - working with someone on your wedding day wi